Nathan Tsoi

Nathan Tsoi

I am a computer scientist working on research in machine learning, computer vision and robotics. Currently, I am a research engineer at Stanford University in the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab under Silvio Savarese. Previously, I worked on data science and machine learning at Sequoia Capital. I will join Yale this fall, in persuit of a Phd, as part of the Interactive Machines Group under Marynel Vázquez. For fun, I enjoy designing hardware and embedded systems programming.


Generalized Intersection over Union
Hamid Rezatofighi, Nathan Tsoi, JunYoung Gwak, Amir Sadeghian, Ian Reid, Silvio Savarese
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2019


Multi-sourced 2D and 3D Sensor Fusion and Person Tracking Pipeline
For research in imitation learning, creating motion policies for social navigation
A Tensorboard-like visual interface for Darknet, available as part of g-darknet